Setting Up Facebook Messenger Chat

Follow the steps below to integrate Facebook Messenger Chat to your website.

1. Add your Facebook Page URL to the Gym Dashboard.

  1. Search for your Facebook page on Google, then click on it.
  2. Copy the URL from the search bar.
  3. Go to the Social tab in your Gym Dashboard and paste the URL in the Facebook field.

2. Go To Site Launch Checklist Tab.

  1. In your Gym Dashboard click the Site Launch Checklist tab.
  2. Click Setup Messenger Chat Shortcut.

3. Jump To Chat Section

  1. You will see a list of sections to jump to, next Customer Chat Plugin click Jump to Section.
  2. Click Setup.

4. Whitelist your Domain

  1. Facebook will guide you through 3 steps to customizing your chat plugin.
  2. IMPORTANT: In the final step before you click finish make sure to add your site URL to the ADD WEBSITE DOMAIN NAME box. (Pictured Right)
  3. Add your live URL, and if you would like for it to show up right away also add the URL we gave you.

5. Copy and paste Code

  1. Hover over the code shown by Facebook and click to copy to clipboard.
  2. Go back to the Gym Dashboard and click on SEO/Pixel/Custom Code tab.
  3. Paste the code into Facebook Messenger Code
  4. Click Save Changes