How to add a blog/WOD post

Follow the steps below to add a new blog/WOD post.

1. Add a post/WOD

  1. Log in to your website admin.
  2. Click the Add New link under Posts menu from the top left side of the admin page.

2. Give a blog/WOD details.

  1. Give a Title.
  2. Write the details.
  3. You can add a media ( image, video, audio file) inside the post (before/after text paragraph). Click Add Media button to add a media.

3. Select a Category from the right side of the page.

4. Add a Featured Image

  1. You can add a Featured image from the right bottom side of the page.
  2. Either upload a new file or use Medial Library for an already uploaded file.
  3. Click Insert Into post button.

5. Publish the post/WOD

  1. Click the Publish button from the right side of the page.