Edit Main & Outer Menu

Follow the steps below to update the main and outer menu.

1. Click the Site Settings tab from the Gym Dashboard.

2. Click the Click Here to update the menu.

6. Adding a new menu link

On the left column, you will see the option to select existing pages, posts, or categories. You can also create a custom link. Click Add to Menu to add your link to the menu. When you are done editing the menu, click Save Menu.

3. Changing the Text

If you need to change the title of a menu item, you can click the arrow that appears next to the title. The Navigation Label is the text that will appear on your menu. After you change the label, click Save Menu.

4. Change the order of items

Select the link you would like to move by clicking the corresponding box. As you drag the box up or down, you’ll see a box appear with a dashed line. Click Save Menu.

5. Create a sub menu (drop down)

Select the corresponding box for the menu link that will become the drop-down link. When you click and drag the box, you’ll see a box with a dashed line. Move the box to the right until you see the text sub item appear next to the title. Click Save Menu.